We are proud that the following companies have chosen to license Roam Telecoms technologies.


The ability of the owner of a patent to sell or license patented intellectual property provides financial incentive for inventors to invest in the development of new technologies that benefit the economy and society. The licensing of patented technologies has been practiced for well over a century, generating significant value for inventors and the companies that benefit from the use of their patented inventions.

Roam Telecoms has always undertaken its licensing activities on the basic premise that the licensing of intellectual property be based on a principled, professional, business-oriented approach that allows licensors and licensees to objectively discuss the technology and relevant patents and come to an agreement as to its value, or in the alternative, seek a court’s assistance to resolve a dispute, should such an agreement not be possible. 

Further to the above Roam Telecoms:

  1. is willing to grant licenses to its patents to any party seeking a license under reasonable terms and conditions, taking into account relevant factors;
  2. will only assert a patent if it believes the patent is both valid and infringed after reasonable due diligence;
  3. will always identify itself as the party associated with the assertion of a patent regardless of whether it is Roam Telecoms conducting the assertion or a subsidiary of Roam Telecoms;
  4. does not expect to approach everyday consumers to take a license;
  5. is always willing to conduct good faith negotiations with a party for a license even if litigation has commenced;
  6. will carefully consider an accused infringer’s arguments concerning the validity and infringement of asserted Roam Telecoms patents.  If Roam Telecoms is persuaded that its patent is not valid or that the patented technique is not used by the accused infringer, Roam Telecoms will withdraw the patent assertion;
  7. generally treats licensing discussions as confidential; and
  8. believes licenses should be achievable without litigation.